Magnetic Land Destination Cosmos

Destination Cosmos

Destination Cosmos

“In my spaceship, I’m the king of the galaxy !”
The + “Techno” graphics. Large scene sheets and magnets. Unique space ships and scenery to let little galactic explorers’ imagination run wild. Pieces you can overlay.

From 4 yo
RÉF. : MLDEC Line: Magnetic Land Parent Line: General public
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  • 1 metal box (size: 190 x 240 x 50 mm) with inserts
  • 66 colored magnets
  • 4 scene sheets (size: 210 x 170 mm) printed in color on both sides (3 neutral backgrounds and 5 backgrounds with scaled models)
  • 6 cards (size : 105 x 85 mm) printed in color on both sides, (12 spaceship models)