Our history

The highlights of a family adventure​

The date of the creation of the Panel Study and Production Company (SEPP in French) by Louis Larralde, the great-uncle of Xavier Sinan, the current director of SEPP games. SEPP was at that time a specialist in the manufacture of photo frames, cork boards, adhesive photo supports.


Did you know? It was a SEPP innovation the CONTE company took up which turned the world of school slates upside-down... a thin Velleda plastic film laminated on a board and special markers ... the dry-erase whiteboard was born! Available in all shapes and sizes, these boards are still marketed by the BIC brand.


Michel Sinan, Louis's nephew, takes over SEPP and diversifies the magnetic board and billboard activity by creating educational and creative games for schools. The SEPP team uses its expertise in magnetic concepts and offers its know-how from the design of the magnetic support to the media components.


SEPP’s brand identity evolves. It is now part of the world of games: SEPP Jeux is born!


Xavier Sinan, an agricultural engineer by training, takes over from his father, Michel. Based on the brand's fundamentals - magnetic, educational, recreational - it favors responsible development, “made in France”, the "right way of doing things" and enriches its collections with more than 30 new products!


The team

Équipe SEPP Jeux

Our commitments

Made in France

It is an intentionall choice; because we are convinced “Playing the French card” is possible. From design to marketing, we favor French service providers and responsible marketing methods. To mark this commitment, SEPP Jeux is a member of the ACFJF, the Association of French Toy Creators and Manufacturers.


In collaboration with early childhood professionals, designers, our technical experts, we rack our brains to create products that meet our customers’ needs… from the youngest to the oldest!

Quality, safety

The importance of quality and the issue of safety apply at all stages of the production. Current standards in force and good manufacturing practices are thus respected.