Welcome to the world of SEPP Jeux

Thanks to iOTOBO, the concept of magnetic elements has become firmly established in schools. Teachers and game designers have fully understood its educational interest; easy handling of the components, assembling shapes, starting over without worrying about mistakes, stimulating the logical and creative mind… or simply learning about the world around us while playing are the virtues of magnetic mosaic! Building on the success of iOTOBO in schools, the team has created a range of magnetic products for the general public; MOSA’Jeux, iOTOBO Design, iOTOBO Mandalas or Magnetic Land were born and have won their place in the hearts of young children… and their parents!

Today, SEPP Jeux’s educational and creative games offer is structured around two major complementary areas: discover our school range and our range for the general public.

Educational and creative games for the general public

Zen, creative, artistic or fun, games to play alone or with others from 3 years old.

Educational and creative school games

Endlessly creative, stimulating at all times in kindergarten and elementary school, for children from 3 to 10 years old.