Pollen Express Box

Pollen Express

Pollen Express

Pollen Express is a cooperative game which introduces children to the need to protect the environment.

Players take on the role of bees and work together to carry pollen to fertilise the big white flower before it dies, while avoiding the bear.

A playful and educational game, Pollen Express teaches children to be aware of the essential role of bees in pollination and the life cycle of plants.

4-8 yo
2 to 6 players
RÉF. : BZZ00 Line: Classroom workshops Parent Line: School line
  • 1 magnetic game board
  • 8 white magnetic petals
  • 44 coloured tokens
  • 16 symbol tokens (flowers, pollen, bears)
  • 32 magnetic beads of pollen grains in 4 colours.
  • 1 cloth bag
  • Rules of the game and educational supplement

Supplied in a cardboard box.